Nice Mrs. Hanson is happy with her visit

 Mrs. Hanson 

 Happy Senior 


I was impressed with the pleasant young man that came from Tech Next Door. He was very kind and patient with me. He got my computer up and running quickly and was very nice. 

Why Tech Next Door?

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    We have friendly, expert techs
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    We care. We protect.
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    We live in the neighborhood
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    We get there fast
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    We teach
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    Sensible Pricing

I started Tech Next Door Support because I was sick and tired of people getting viruses and getting ripped off. Now I’m dedicated to protecting the vulnerable so they can connect and be safe online.

Joel LaRusic - Founder, Tech Next Door

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Our Services

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Junior Tech

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    Tune-up / Speed up computer
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    Virus Removal
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    New Computer Setup

Why pay top dollar for a seasoned tech when your needs are very basic and can be easily handled by a qualified junior tech.

Don't worry, even Junior Techs have lots of experience and are trained to provide the very best service and instruction.

Advanced Tech

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    Advanced Wireless
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    Mobile Devices
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    Gaming Computer Support

We have Advanced Techs for the times you have more complex issues or need the expertise of a seasoned tech. 

Our Advanced Techs have at least 5 years practical experience and are industry certified.

​​​​Mac Tech

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    Mac Upgrades
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    Spinning Wheel
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    Data Transfers

For everything Apple! A Mac Tech can help you with iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones or other Apple equipment in your home.

Our Mac Techs have special training and experience to help you with any kind of technical issue and can also provide training.

Office Tech

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    Office Networking
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    Microsoft Office 365
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    Desktop Support

An office environment requires a different kind of tech. From network sharing requirements to Cloud computing your Office Tech can help.

Our Office Techs have years of experience of assisting and consulting in complex office environments.

Audio-Video Tech

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    Set up Smart TV
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    Streaming Services
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    Install AV Equipment

Today we have some of the coolest audio-video tech ever but you may need some help to piece it all together. Call an AV Tech!

Our AV Techs are familiar with all the technology out there... from smart TVs to media streaming services.

Photography Tech

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    Photo Editing
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    Camera Consultation
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    Photoshop Training

Digital photography has never been more popular. What camera to buy? What software editing tool to use? We can help!

Our Photo Techs are photography experts who are doing a some freelancing. Pick their brains and learn from them!


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    Staying Safe Online
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    Connecting with Social Media
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    Windows and Mac

Tech Next Door was built on the principle of training and education... that's why training will always be our cheapest service.

Learn how to connect with loved ones on Social Media. Or how to get photos from your phone to your computer. So much more!

 Mr. Stevens 

Happy Customer 


I love that my tech explained what he was doing in a very easy to understand way. I am hopeless with computers but now I know how to stay in touch with my grand kids on my tablet!

Our Promise

1. We will always put your security and safety first.

We will protect you. We hate it when the bad guys win and we'll do everything we can to make sure you are not a victim of phishing, hacking or viruses.

2. We will always leave you more tech savvy than when we came.

After a visit from Tech Next Door - because we train and explain - you will be smarter and more confident than you were before we came.

Here are just a few ways we prove that promise every day.

Free Safety Guides

As part of our commitment to keeping people safe online, we offer free guides that can help people stay safe on the Internet.

Phishing Hotline

Not sure if an email is real? Simply forward it to our Phishing Hotline and we will respond to let you know.

Tech Next Door Neighbor

The Next Door Neighbor Program is your knight in shining armor. A suite of services provided free to protect the vulnerable.

Security Audit

Computer users are often over-whelmed by online security and safety. So, we invested the Tech Next Door Security Audit.

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